For over 30 years the attorneys at Briscoe, Wulff, Crosby, Luber & Williams, LLP have provided quality legal services in the areas of Business Law, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Family Law and Divorce, Litigation, Workers Compensation, School Law, Landlord and Tenant and other areas of the law.

Helping you protect everything.

Briscoe, Wulff, Crosby, Luber & Williams, LLP is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients by providing quality legal services. The attorneys at Briscoe, Wulff, Crosby, Luber & Williams, LLP have successfully represented and advised thousands of clients over the last 30 years.

We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and legal focus will absolutely be an asset to your family.

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Our Services

Criminal Law

Get in touch with our criminal defense law team for help with:

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • DWI or traffic violations
  • Juvenile felony and misdemeanor crimes
  • Driver’s license restorations
  • 2nd-time DWI
  • Implied consent
  • Felony DWI
  • Minor in possession

Family Law

Having a family lawyer on your side can be an enormous help if you’re going through a legal matter. Our experienced family law attorneys have expansive knowledge of all types of family law and divorce cases and they can guide you through even the most complex matters. In addition, they approach all clients’ cases with respect and compassion, and do everything in their power to achieve a reasonable resolution.

Estate Planning and Probate Law

Our attorneys are experienced in estate planning and probate including: estate planning, probate and trust administration and they are dedicated to giving clients personalized attention while navigating the legal process.